Video Blogging 101

Video blogging is the same as regular blogging, just in visual form. The new generation of web surfers are not interested in reading hard-on-the-eyes text, they want hip, up to the minute information in a visual format and video blogs fit perfectly. In fact, video blogs are rapidly becoming some of the most popular blogs on the net. If you haven’t taken advantage of this fantastic new opportunity in the blogging world, it’s high time you take a look.

In order to video blog, you will need a couple of things. Obviously, an internet connection and a video camera are useful! You will also need a blog platform that supports video. Since this is quickly becoming a very popular method of communication, many blog platforms and hosts now offer this as an option.

Vlogs, as video blogs are commonly called, are very useful for presenting ideas that don’t come across well in text. For example, if you run a blog on home improvement techniques, your site would probably benefit greatly from some videos that show your visitors exactly how to install a light fixture or how to cut a beam. There are some things that videos simply do better than text.

The big advantage of vlogs is that they can easily become viral, attracting hundreds of visitors to your blog site. Funny or informative videos in particular tend to propagate throughout the internet at a tremendous rate, which means you get lots of publicity! This is great if you have a website that could use a traffic boost, or if you want to earn off ads on your vlog.

Video blogs are somewhat fickle. They don’t all play well on every browser, so some surfers won’t be able to see your videos. However, since the vlog is becoming so hot, new programs are coming out that solve the issues previously raised by video blogs. These offer a way to streamline your video and make it possible for everyone to view them equally well.

Many video blogs are a concerted effort, with several different people contributing posts. This is mainly because it can be difficult to come up with a daily video post and a group can work much more efficiently than an individual. The video posts may also be accompanied by a text post, so you have the best of both worlds, text and video in the same blog.

Video blogging is rapidly taking off and more and more businesses and individuals are jumping on the bandwagon. Whether you blog for fun or profit, you can benefit from this new medium.

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